` The Characters of Jane Austen's Matchmaker

Jane Austen's Matchmaker... with Zombies!

If an unholy fusion of Regency romance and undead horror is your cup of tea, we have a Matchmaker expansion just for you!

In Jane Austen's Matchmaker with Zombies the Curse of the Living Dead has fallen on England. If it comes to your door, your ladies and gentleman may transform into cannibalistic fiends and forget their table manners. The expansion consists of 50 new cards and rules.

For those who don't like the thought of Miss Austen's characters being eaten alive or turned into ravenous ghouls, this page is just a horrible nightmare from which you can wake up here.

Jane Austen Matchmaker Zombie Cards

Events can bring unforeseen to catastrophe to the human survivors or turn the tide against the undead.

Ladies and Gentlemen who are devoured by Zombies (as opposed to being transformed) are put on the Slaughter pile and the Cursed player scores the combined Virtue of all victims placed here.

Gifts are given to players by the Cursed player to give them a fighting chance in the apocalypse. Slaying Zombies scores you bonus points on top of those gained for crafty matchmaking.

The player with the Curse must draw from the JAMZ (Jane Austen's Matchmaker with Zombies) pile on their turn and whenever someone gets married.

Zombie cards transform the Cursed player's Ladies and Gentlemen into zombies. Their combined Horror is deducted from the Cursed player's score at the end of the game.

If the Cursed player has no living characters to transform when they draw a Zombie card, they must pass the Curse onto another player.

Jane Austen Matchmaker Zombie Cards