` Jane Austen's Matchmaker Higher Society Expansion

Coming in 2017

The Next Chapter

2017 marks Jane Austen’s bicentenary. To celebrate 200 years of timeless romantic literature, we are proud to announce our newest Matchmaker game. Jane Austen’s Matchmaker: Chapter Two will launch on Kickstarter in January.

New Rules & New Stories

In Jane Austen’s Matchmaker Chapter Two, each character has a mind of their own and you must roll the dice to learn their heart’s desire. Are they looking for love, status, money… or just flirtation? If they don’t approve of your match, your plans may be thwarted!

Acquire prestige from every successful marriage, throw lavish balls at Pemberley, Mansfield Park and other famous locations. You can also earn the approval of patrons such as Lady Catherine de Bourgh and Mrs Norris.

When all else fails, you can break hearts and undermine your rivals with charming scoundrels and flirtatious floozies!