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The game of love, marriage and social domination

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Will love conquer all?

Matchmaker is a sociable card game for 3 to 6 players, featuring characters from the works of Jane Austen.

In this beautifully illustrated deck of cards you'll meet her heroes and heroines, along with scoundrels and schemers and a few hopeless cases.

All of them need your help to find their future spouse.

Play your own story...

Use your matchmaking skills to plot advantageous marriages. Protect your ladies from penniless rogues while using your charming scoundrels to wicked effect. All's fair in love and social climbing!

In this conjugal crossover you can recreate the couplings as Austen intended, or rewrite her world entirely! Would you rather see Mr Darcy walk down the aisle with Emma Woodhouse?

3 Cards from Jane Austen's Matchmaker
  • An image of John Willoughby
  • An image of Mr.George Knightley
  • An image of Miss.Catherine Morland